Unreleased iOS App Testing With UserTesting

At UserTesting, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to use our kit. Most users choose to use our TestFlight integration for unreleased app testing where all that is needed is a link to a public TestFlight build. For users with more complex needs and access to an Enterprise Distribution Certificate, we offer the ability to upload an ipa directly to our website, there’s a bit of configuration– but zero lines of code.

UserTesting requires zero integration for Android testing.

How to Create a Build:

When launching an unreleased iOS app test via our ipa upload feature, the UserTesting platform will ask you to upload an enterprise signed build of your app. If you have a development team they should know what an "enterprise signed build" is and be able to create one for you.

To create a build, in Xcode, select the appropriate target and set it to build for ‘Generic iOS Device’ rather than the simulator, then choose ‘Archive’ once that process completes find the newly created archive in the Organizer. In the Organizer, choose ‘export’ and pick “In house”. Save that file, then upload it to UserTesting-- but first, you'll need to integate our SDK.

Installing the UserTesting SDK

Download SDK Here

If you need to manually integrate the UserTesting SDK, don’t despair. It’s zero lines of code and requires just a single integration step.

Add UserTestingSDK.framework to your project

  1. Select your project in the "Project Navigator".
  2. Select your app's main target from the list of targets.
  3. In the 'General' tab, drag UserTestingSDK.framework into the 'Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content' list.

    IMPORTANT: When prompted, make certain to select to add the files to your app target!

Adding the SDK Embedded Libraries

Verify that the SDK is properly installed

Run your app on device to confirm that the SDK is integrated (running in the simulator is not supported). You should see a full-screen view blocking access to your app; our framework only allows access to your app during a UserTesting test.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What version of iOS do participants use?

    Participants will run your app on iOS 14 or above.

  • Does UserTesting require any code to activate?

    No. The UserTesting SDK starts automatically when your app runs. It does not require developers to import any code or call any methods to start or stop. The UserTesting SDK runs alongside your app without affecting its behavior.

  • Can I test hybrid and cross-platform apps with UserTesting's SDK?


  • Can I integrate the SDK with Xamarin or other cross-platform tools?

    The SDK has no header file or initialization, so adding it following the above instructions should work with minimal modifications.

Removing Older Versions

If you integrated an earlier version of the SDK, you should delete it from your project and reintegrate the latest version using the steps above.